June 26 Wisdom Recipes Thought for Today: Treatment of People – Consistencies & Inconsistencies


Consistency and Inconsistency is a pattern we demonstrate to show people who we are with words and actions.  If I am consistently showing kindness, people will think of me as kindly.  If I am yelling at store clerks and constantly showing impatience, someone may consider me as a mean, impatient person.  What we need to pay attention to is not only how someone treats us, but how they treat other people in our presence.  For example, if you start dating someone who is kind and generous but is consistently rude to others, it could be a red flag to how he or she will eventually treat you.  If we are a person who is taken in by words, now is the time to watch for consistencies and inconsistencies in behaviors.

We should look for both consistencies and inconsistencies in all areas of a person’s life:  finances, health, relationships, and behavioral patterns.  Warning labelEverything that looks good is not good for us.  Appearance does not tell all.  We must get to know someone for at least a good year before we decide we want to continue to develop the relationship or not.  Keep in mind, no one is perfect, and you do not want to be on the other side consistently pointing out someone else’s character defects.  Sit back – listen and watch for consistencies and inconsistencies.  Also, and most importantly, now is the time to self-reflect upon your life and identify your consistency and inconsistencies for further personal development.

Just for Today

I will pay attention to consistency and inconsistency behavioral patterns, especially newly relationships.  I will not ignore if a person’s actions and words do not match and gather more information to make a formed decision if I want to continue the relationship.  I will pay attention to not only how well a person treats me, but how they treat other people in my presence.  Also, I will take note of my inconsistencies and make necessary changes for further personal development.  With further understanding, I know healthy patterns build trust and respect, inconsistencies breeds mistrust and suspicion.  While recognizing and developing healthier, consistent patterns in my life, I will identify and attract people who are doing the same.  Most importantly, we do not try to change people’s behaviors and sometimes need to gently tell a person if they are misbehaving while allowing a person to readjust his or her behavior.  We strive to be consistent in a positive way and correct any inconsistencies in our life.  We strive for progress, not perfection in all our affairs.

Just for today, I will be paying attention to the consistencies and inconsistencies in other people’s behavior and my own.


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