June 27 Wisdom Recipes Thought for Today: Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

Being grateful means counting the blessings in our life. We can wish for many things and miss the opportunity of living in the present moment by being grateful for what we have, here and now. Having gratitude opens the door for more abundance, not necessarily monetary value, but an overall satisfaction for life. We wake up each day and are thankful for another day of living that other people may not get.

Being grateful does not mean we stop striving to achieve goals and succumb to living a mediocre life. On the contrary, individuals who are grateful understand that success stems from appreciating what life offers and going for it. This example is gratitude in action and achieving any success without it, will feel hollow. Therefore, we will learn to incorporate gratitude in all our affairs. While we are practicing gratitude, when trouble arises as sometimes it does, we can embrace the moment with less tension and worry by knowing for every problem, we can find a solution. By practicing gratitude, we can inspire people to practice gratitude too.

Just for Today
I will wake up feeling grateful for my experiences and the lessons I have learned. I will live in the present moment while anticipating a future filled with opportunities by goal setting and putting gratitude into action. By living in gratitude, I know I am successful and can meet all life challenges with the attitude of knowing with every problem, there is a solution. Living and practicing daily gratitude means I will be living less in fear, doubt, and worry. I am grateful for what life has to offer, and I will not overlook things be thankful for: a smile, a warm place to sleep, food, clothing, and sunsets and sunrises. I know practicing gratitude is an attitude put into action.


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