July 1 Wisdom Recipe’s Thought for Today: Faith versus High Expectation


Faith is having confidence in a person or thing.  When we put faith in someone or something, we believe in the best outcome.  Therefore, the goal is to have faith, but not predict an outcome, because the outcome may or may not turn out the way we plan. If we aim too high, our expectations may lead to not trying again, unlike faith that tells us to try again tomorrow.  The subtle shift from faith to high expectation:  faith is believing in the best and accepting an outcome; a high expectation predicts and locks in on an outcome.  If we make it a habit of placing too high expectations on people and end results, our expectations will never measure up. Misery and disappointment will be our constant companion.  Once again, having a high expectation is predicting an outcome or situation to turn out exactly as we see fit; faith is believing but not always predicting.

Having high expectation is a form of perfectionism.  No one or nothing is ever perfect.  We can never predict the future and sometimes it does not turn out the way we like.  Striving for excellence is accepting both successes and failures.  In the case of Thomas Edison, he may have expected the light bulb to work after trying it out the first time, but it took 1,000 times before the light bulb lit up the room.  In a world of trial and error, we live in the moment of faith without ruining tomorrow by placing high expectations on people and events.  The goal is to strive for excellence and accepting life is made up of imperfect moments that turn out perfectly.  By placing high expectations, we miss the mark of enjoying the moment and fill it with countless disappointments and heartaches.

Just for Today

I will live in faith and be mindful when I cross the line from faith to placing a high expectation on a person or an event.   I will strive for excellence, but not be discouraged if I fail on the first, second, or third attempt.  By accepting that life is made up of both successes and failures, I will drop idealizations and perfectionism that leads to more disappointment and frustration. By versus people for where they are at instead of my own expectations of how they should be, will allow me to appreciate the people in my life.  By accepting others and life as it unfolds, I will be able to accept myself and live in the present moment with peace and contentment.  The goal is to have faith and strive for excellence versus high expectations and perfection.

Just for today, my goal is to have faith and strive for excellence versus high expectations and perfection.


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