July 3 Wisdom Recipes Thought for Today: Inner Strength

Inner Strength

Many things describe strength, the ability to remain steady during adversity.  Capacity to show courage when faced with fear.  Ability to demonstrate empathy towards a person when we know we cannot fix someone or something.  Sometimes strength comes when courage is about to take the back seat, and all we have is the tenacity to hold on.  Strength is the inner core of our being, the ability to remain grounded when everything else around us is falling apart. Sometimes we are taught by other people to depend on others for strength.  But what happens if there is no one around to give comfort and provide strength for you?  We must build up inner strength within ourselves when everything else fails, especially if the person near and dear to us fails us too.

As we face a difficulty, we can reflect upon how we got through a challenging time in the past.  By doing so, we build up strength and courage to face any situation, no matter how hard it can be. It never hurts to ask for help, but we must understand that there will be a time in everyone’s life we must face certain difficulties alone.   No one can be there for us twenty-four seven even if they would like to be.  By learning to gain inner strength through each adversity, we can pass along our stories of how we got through a challenging time.  The anchor to our soul is inner strength and using the wisdom of past experiences are applied.

Just for Today

I will think of ways to build up my inner strength to face life challenges.  I will draw upon the times in my life when I have used my inner strength to meet and get through grim times.  By building up my inner strength, I will also be building up courage and the tenacity to face all life challenges.  I will use wisdom to meet challenges by using my inner strength and when I will need to ask for help.  Asking for help does not make me weak; also, I cannot rely solely on one person or people to help me get through every situation.  Sometimes I will meet challenges alone, and by building up my inner strength, I have the confidence of knowing I can make it through anything life may throw at me.  By building up and showing inner strength, I will be able to help others do the same by my example and demeanor.

Just for today, I will continue to build up my inner strength and courage.  By my example and maintaining a healthy outlook on life,  I will be able to help others do the same.




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