July 6 Wisdom Recipes Thought for Today: Dedication

Short Cuts

Challenging work and dedication come when we find our purpose in life and start working towards fulfilling a dream.  We acknowledge the athlete who shows up for practice every day and works hard to play the game well.  The student who never misses a class and studies to learn a subject and makes the honor roll.  The employee who earns a promotion by arriving at work early and the last to leave the office, who demonstrates a right attitude by learning the business and leads by example.  The single parent who raises children, manages a household, and still finds time to go to college to better his or her life.  There are many examples of dedicated people doing their best every day to fulfill a life purpose and watch dreams turn into reality.  Individuals who rise to the occasion and efforts are paid off by not making excuses.  The person who teaches all of us through his or her actions what dedication is all about and proves dreams do come true.

Just for Today

I will identify my life purpose and dedicate my time to be resourceful on how to achieve goals and fulfill dreams.  I know I increase my chances of success when I put in the time and effort to do so.  If I am not feeling dedicated in an area of my life, I may need to take a step back and figure out if I need to fulfill the space with something more productive.  For I know, dedication comes when I am passionate about what I am doing and continue to craft my skills to be proficient and fruitful.  By using my time wisely and managing resources will help me fulfill my life purpose.  For without dedication, I may find myself in stagnant waters without the joy of feeling purposeful and watching my dreams pass me by.  With dedication and vigorous work in an area I am passionate about, I will fulfill my life purpose.

Just for today, I am dedicated to making my life better by hard work and perseverance to succeed.


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