July 12 Wisdom Recipes Thought for Today: Patience


Nowadays life is busy.   We rush around trying to get things done before settling in for the evening. It seems like there is never enough time just to sit and relax. In the world, credit goes to the man or woman who sets out to achieve and lives a busy life. With all the busyness, we sometimes become frustrated with our loved ones even if we try to be patient. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. All we need is a few quick breaths throughout the day to stop and appreciate what is going on around us. Sometimes we think we are too busy to take a walk and enjoy the weather outside.

While patience keeps are stress level manageable, being impatient will cause us anxiety and worry we do not need in our life. By recognizing when we are impatient, we can halt and take a few minutes to breathe in and out and start again.

Just for Today
I will recognize when my busyness is causing me to be impatient. If I find I am impatient, I will stop a few minutes and breathe in and out to catch up with the moment and bring myself back to a state of mindfulness. I will change my tone of voice and mood if my impatient is showing irritability with another person.

By practicing patience, I will be able to solve problems quickly without feeling frustrated and adding more stress to the situation. I will put into practice each day to stop and remind myself to remain calm and have patience by taking a brisk fifteen-minute walk, closing my eyes, and concentrating on my breath or whatever will assist with my impatience and lower my anxiety level. By practicing patience, it will help me think more clearly, lower stress hormones for overall better health, and give me the ability to communicate more effectively by practicing patience and tolerance with my loved ones.

Just for today, I will practice patience for my overall well-being.



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